Self-Service Linux : Mastering the Art of Problem Determination

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The biggest factor in a company's decision to go with Linux is overcoming thesupport issues. Adopting Linux successfully means taking on a differentapproach to support. Since Linux is open source, there are different methodsto get the support that companies need. This includes deeper skills on how toinvestigate problems, how to get help from the open source community ( to ask for help on usenet) and how to resolve problems in-house withoutthe extra cost of a consultant. This book should be an essential part of everycompany's Linux adoption plan to keep the total cost of ownership (TCO)down and improve the ROI of their Linux strategy. It is also a book thatadvanced Linux professionals running their own Linux systems will be able touse to troubleshoot. This book gives the staff the basics they need to diagnose most problems that they will face and will go into the nitty-gritty on the toughest problems. It also points users to the appropriate resources so that they may get help quickly.
Additional info for Self-Service Linux: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination Sample text 2 Use an Investigation Log Even if you only ever have one complex, critical problem to work on at a time, it is still important to keep track of what you've done. Self-Service Linux : Mastering the Art of Problem Determination Image
AUTHOR Mark Wilding
FILENAME Self-Service Linux : Mastering the Art of Problem Determination.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 21 Sep 2005

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Java™ Application Development on Linux ... Mastering the Art of Problem Determination Mark Wilding and Dan Behman Jang_FM.qxd 12/14/05 2:53 PM Page ii.

Self-service Linux : mastering the art of problem determination

Order (or just read more about) Self-Service Linux : Mastering the Art of Problem Determination from Christmas came early this year. This has to be the best book I've read in a long time.


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