The Samurai Sword : Introduction and Application

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This book is a must have treasury of "how to" for every martial arts enthusiast. Its purpose and intent focus on the "way of the sword" used throughout history by the Samurai. Through the Toyama Iai-batto-do system of comprehension and practical application you will be able to duplicate and execute the same rhythm, timing and speed required to be proficient in the sword. Learn correct and practical methodology on how to execute sword technique in a simple and direct no-nonsense approach. Discover the art of drawing and sheathing, stances, manipulation, gripping, pre-arranged forms, cutting patterns, evasive action, test cutting, plus much more. Every sword enthusiast must have this information! Enhance your expertise; Master the samurai sword, practice its applications used throughout ancient Japan and studied in modern society.
(I'm looking at you, non-sword slingers who have ever read The Book of Five Rings.) I'm not saying you won't walk away from these reads with a far greater level of understanding of many aspects of Samurai warrior thought and culture. The Samurai Sword : Introduction and Application Image
AUTHOR Shihan Dana Abbott
FILENAME The Samurai Sword : Introduction and Application.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 03 Nov 2009

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In modern times the most commonly known type of Japanese sword is the Shinogi-Zukuri katana, which is a single-edged and usually curved longsword traditionally worn by samurai from the 15th century onwards.

Japanese sword - Wikipedia

The Samurai Sword: Introduction and Application [Shihan Dana Abbott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is a must have treasury of how to for every martial arts enthusiast.


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